Graceful exit - payout?

raising a doubt I have and I am sure that there are many SNOs are wondering about the same

I have a 14 month old now, I started a graceful exit. Could I have a clear statement from STORJ when I will receive the tokens? Does the threshold still apply? what If eth gas price won’t drop in next 12 months?


I am not from StorJ.

This has been discussed but is probably lost amongst posts about changing blockchain and fiat payments - both of which will not happen.

At the current time if you complete GE and receive payouts using L1 then the total amount due will be paid (earnings and held back) if it is more than 4x the transaction fee at the time of the next payout run. The GE process does not circumvent the issue with transaction fees.

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great - more gasoline put into the flame within the community

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Are you sure that’s the case ?
Because it’s kind of a bombshell you’re dropping here. I would personally wait for an “official” response.
Maybe calling @Alexey might be a good idea :wink:

I point you to this post and @Alexey’s reply:

No confirmation, but at the same time it’s not in StorJ’s interest to use many times the payout amount in fees.

But it is a different situation in that node is leaving the satellite. An exception should surely be made in that circumstance. Otherwise storj could find themselves with many thousands of small debts and no way to close the accounts.

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I’ve got $4.47 of bitcoin sitting in an old wallet and $10.82 of ETH in another, both of which aren’t going anywhere any time soon.


Facts of life when dealing with current crypto transaction fees.

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can I have a reply from the storj team please? @Alexey ?

I still not have a clear answer from the team (they need to implement a new functions to run a new business logic on the satellite side to decide when payout should be accumulated and when it should be sent out).

With lack of information I can only speculate. I hope to receive a more clear answer from the team in workdays.


It those accounts are never cleared it could actually become a future risk to storj itself.

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I also don’t have a clear answer but I can transport a few pieces of information that I have picked up so far.

If you exit one satellite we would still apply the threshold. Basically, we will always apply the threshold as long as you still can reach the threshold in the following month by receiving additional payouts.
This also applies on a bigger scale. You can run 2 nodes and exit one entirely. There is still a second node that will receive additional payouts. We would apply the threshold even in that situation when one storage node did a complete graceful exit.

We also noticed that this situation is not necessarily a problem with graceful exit. You could also take your node offline and get disqualified. Same deal. If there is a second node we will apply the threshold.

So what if you have no other nodes to get any payout in the following month? In that situation, we want to send out the remaining payout even if it is below the threshold. Currently, that part is not implemented and that also means alongside the implementation the rules around it might change.

zkSync should work for sure. Even on a node that has finished graceful exit on all satellites you can still opt into zkSync and receive your payout that way. Please read the warning around zkSync in the changelog before you do so.


could you please update the status? am I going to receive my tokens in March? I have no nodes as the graceful exit has been finished @littleskunk @Alexey

I’ll post an update when I would have any news. The implementation of exception from the minimum threshold is not finished yet as far as I know.

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we will pay graceful exits regardless of thresholds going forward, if the node operator has no other active nodes.

I would add - you should exit from all satellites first and do not have other nodes with the same wallet, but since we have a us2 and you cannot exit from it before 6 months, then you need either:

  • opt-in for L2 zkSync: ZkSync Payments - Storj Docs ;
  • or take your node down to disqualify it for downtime (more than 30 days);
  • or remove data and be online until disqualification on the us2.
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I have performed a graceful exit and as far as i can see i meet the minimum criteria. All satellites reached 100% complete except the new one which i did not include in the GE as it had only a few cents and the age was only 1 month. Will i be paid out for my held and last data considering the high gas prices? The node has been off since then and i only saw the zksync update afterwards. If i cant be paid the normal way how can i link zksync and storj without the node being online?

To opt-in for zkSync your node must be online: