Graceful exit process (Doubts)


If I completed the process of graceful exit this month and it was completed before the May payments started (June 6),

  1. would I receive the held amount this month or the next?

  2. Can i shutdown the node if the process was successful? (There are other satellites working for this node but the earnings are minimal because they are less than 2 months old)

Thank you

You get the payout with the payouts from the month in which the process finished. So you should be getting them with the payouts for June next month.

Keep the confirmation code safe you can use that to prove you finished the graceful exit. I would personally wait with stopping the node until you have the actual payout, but I don’t think that’s actually required.


I started a Graceful Exit (due to HW error) and is now progressing - may I stop the node and restart it later? I will probably need to change the public IP address of the node due to the ISP provider change.

You can stop and start, but only limited down time is permitted during graceful exit. Keep down time to a minimum if you don’t want to fail the exit process. That probably means only reboots/updates/small maintenance.

Now, unfortunately, I spot in the log that is filled by many errors related to gracefulexit although they seems more related to problems with peer nodes.

This is doesn’t impact your ability to finish a GE unless you have a corrupted pieces. In the last case you have a great chance to be disqualified because of bug (it could fail the entire transfer, it should not be the case, but it is). This bug is not fixed in the current release as far as I know.
So, I would not recommend to start a GE in the current version (1.9.5). Especially in case if you have any concerns that your node may have a corrupted pieces.

ouch! I did not know that and the GE is already ongoing, can’t do anything now, just hoping that everything is going fine.
I am still curious how the overall satellite pieces are recovered from my node if the level of errors, while transferring to other peers, is high.

Your node will ask the satellite for other node.
If the failure rate will be greater than 10% the GE will fail

Just for the sake of info/detail to the forum’s users. My GE went fine (completed successfully).
It made a big difference the fact I was able, while running the GE, to switch to a ISP with FTTH (1Gbps bandwidth) as the process was a lot faster after the switch, from 90 Mbps to 500 Mbps.