Graceful Exit & Query Satellite for Held Amount

So I had to begin graceful exit due to needing the HDD space back. I have managed to complete my exit from 4 satellites except for 2. Reason is because the 2 satellites came online this year so I have not pass the minimum age requirement for those two satellites. I thought the age requirement applied to the entire node, not the satellites. My node is two years old or so.

The two satellites are

I was thinking the age requirement existed for the entire node, not per satellite. So that sucks, because of this I need to make a choice of either keeping the node running in order to meet those age requirements but can’t allow any more space usage or shut it down and be disqualified for those satellites.

*Do I lose my held amount on the “completed graceful exit nodes” if I decide to shut it down and get disqualified?

*How do I query my held amount from the satellite by command line?

I understand the web dashboard shows the amount but that came online this year so it may not be accurate.

I do plan to come back to the network in the future with a better setup out of the gates. My existing setup did an ok job. Only issues I ran into was ones out of my control, like the ISP.

Thanks for reading.

Did you get a successful completion receipt on those 4 satellites ? If yes then you will get paid for that in next payout cycle.

If you decide to exit/shutdown your node while running on only those 2 remaining satellites then held amount on those satellites would be gone.

Node’s age is per satellite. You could check that using earnings calculator.

Yes I got the completion receipt on those 4 satellites. So now what I need to do is decide if I should shutdown the node or leave it running on the last 2 satellites. To decide on that, I need to find out the exact amount being held on those satellites to figure out if it’s worth me doing it.

Why? well, for me to do graceful exit on the 2 remaining satellites, I have to remain online to the end of the year and hope no new satellites appear online during that time.

Is there a way to block all future satellites from storing data on the node? should be a setting for this for those doing graceful exit. Like node is doing graceful exit, avoid storing any data.

Use Earnings Calculator to find out your node’s age.

Its 6 months which would be changed to 15 as far as I know. This would help you decide on how many more months you need. - 3.3 TB - eligible after 2020-08-11 19:04:35 - 1.1 TB - eligible after 2020-10-18 19:13:16

I got this info from the error message in the log. Be cool if we could query our nodes for these dates without doing the exit command.

This is also included in the Earnings calculator (Update 2023-12-05: v13.1.0 - Now with support for different payouts per satellite - Detailed earnings info and health status of your node, including vetting progress)

But I believe the latest version has the correct amount on the web dashboard as well.