Graceful exit question

Hello operators,
I’m going to have to do a graceful exit soon because I’m moving from the house where I am right now. I’ve looked at the graceful exit guide and it looks like it’s not difficult to do. My only question is the follow: What happen when I want to rejoin network later and how to do it when I get internet in my new house?

How long will it take for you to move and get online ?

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Probably 15 to 20 days

Currently disqualification for downtime is not in effect so I would recommend moving and getting your node online as soon as possible.

To answer your other question:

You would have to start a new node again as you did with the current node. You would have to request a new token


Oh I didn’t know about that, then I might keep it online until I can’t and start it again ASAP. Thanks for your answers!

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