Graceful Exit receipts please pay on zkSync now

Hi Storj,

I have been a node operator for about 1.5 years. I did a graceful exit right before the gas prices went through the roof. Now I restarted my node on the same ETH address and enabled zkSync. I see the small transactions now for my restarted node. Is there any way I can get my graceful exit receipts paid on zkSync now? I have copies of the receipts.

Is there a helpdesk for node operators I should use for submitting tickets?


  • John

I believe you’ll be waiting on this until next months payout period.

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@dragonhogan are right - since you enabled zkSync in the current month, it will be applied to the next payout period, i.e. in the two first weeks of the next month.
We do not sends payouts individually, they always sends in batches by the satellites after invoicing.

We have a help desk too , but submitting a ticket is not needed, you will be paid in the next payout period anyway.