Graceful exit Test-Satellites

Hi all,

I have 2 nodes under 1 ISP rapidly approaching full capacity, and @deathlessdd mentioned how after he graceful exited the test satellites there was a surge in egress (due to more relevant data being downloaded + accessed).

My questions are as follow:

  1. Which satellites are only do testing data?
    1.5 Are the satellites that serve both customer + user data?
  2. Will they every instead be used for customer data?
  3. How do I GE on a windows GUI installation?
  4. Is there any potential downside/risk to GE test satellites I’m missing? Other than messing up my node due to user error OR testing data picking up rapidly compared to customer data?


  1. The customers satellites are listed on
  2. no information at the moment

4. You likely will be disqualified on exited satellites, or at least reputation could go to red. But you may exclude them using parameter in your config.yaml (see Where can I find the config.yaml? - Storj Node Operator Docs).

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So to confirm:

  1. Europe-North-1
  2. us2
  3. Saltlake

All store test data exclusively?
Also, if we do end up using those satellites for customer data, will there be an announcement?

From what I understand, once you leave a satellite, you cannot rejoin it.


us2 could store customers data: New Satellite!

For honestly - doesn’t matter, all data is paid.

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Honestly I don’t see why anyone would want to remove any satellites. These days test data is negligible anyway so you wouldn’t be gaining any meaningful amount of space for user data. Plus, if Storj ever decides to increase test data at any point you will miss out on it as you can’t rejoin sats.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong here, but I assume test sats would be what is used if Storj ever needed to fill up space in order to encourage quicker network growth. If Storj happened to get a customer(s) that needed more than or at least a substantial chunk of the space available they might ramp up test data to expand quickly and ensure the space is actually available. Just something to keep in mind.


Based on this you must have plenty of space for new data.

I had a 3.5TB node from the beginning of storj v3 when it came out that has been full of test data and not earning anything because its been full of test data. That has only been earning for stored data which isnt really worth running if my node is just sitting idle 24/7.
Since its full of test data I ran GE on Saltlake and EU north which had 2TB stored together and once I did that I started earning from egress again.
Which I do have proof of because I wanted to test to see if im loosing out for income cause I cannot get new data anymore. Storj wasnt deleing the test data so I took it in my own hands.

Mind you my node has been full for 90% of its life for the last 32Months that this node was running. So in my opinion if you have full nodes because of test data it is more beneficial to run GE on test sats then keeping them, Less you have ampules of space and it doesnt matter anyways. But for me it made sense.

In the long run its probably not a good idea but its easy enough to start new nodes if need be. Or give us an option to stop accepting data from test sats.

My suggestion would be if you have your Node full of Test-Data just run a GE on all Satelites and start fresh. Even if this means your node must get vetted again.

I gotcha. I have several nodes from the beginning of v3 as well but I still have plenty of space for them so I suppose that doesn’t effect me as much maybe. To be honest, I’ve never really looked to see how much test data is still on my nodes. I have seen many people talking about exiting sats and for smaller nodes at least I suppose that makes sense. Guess it’s probably just an unintended consequence. Personally I think Storj should rotate out some of the test data then in order to not penalize the longer running nodes. If the smaller nodes exit because of this and get better results, I would imagine the larger ones will start to follow.

Its nice to see new data coming into my older nodes though for now im only gonna GE on test sats even on one of my oldest nodes when has been 100% full its 43 months old now but is also my smallest node…and it sat stagnate for months now.

I keep expanding mine so I’ve never had a full node myself, but I have seen others comment about egress dropping if the node is full so maybe that could have something to do with it too.

Its a bit harder to expland on Rpi4s so im working with what I got for now, plus to cheap to keep buying hard drives…

Fair point. It’s not really worth investing in unless your optimistic about the project and willing to play the long game.

I mean I think im in it for the long run but id rather buy High end hardware like GPU an CPUs then buy hard drives lol…Hard drives are just ehh I have 10 nodes running thats kinda my max ill ever probably go, probably had 30 nodes total by now and just ran GE on most of them.