Graceful exit with satellite stuck at 0%


I am exiting a few nodes and regarding satellite they are all at 0% completion. Some other satellites already completed but this one is at 0%. Exit operations started a couple of weeks ago, so I don’t understand what is wrong here?
Here are my settings, I tried to do some tuning:

graceful-exit.chore-interval: 1m0s
graceful-exit.min-bytes-per-second: 5.00 KB
graceful-exit.min-download-timeout: 0m30s
graceful-exit.num-concurrent-transfers: 100
graceful-exit.num-workers: 8


Hello @M27,
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Since they are shutdown, you cannot call GE on them.

ok, but the held amount? Storj pay all held amount for all nodes over 16 mounth?

You should receive a full held amount from these satellites with the nearest payout, if your node would clear a Minimum Payout Threshold, otherwise it would be added to the undistributed amount and will wait until the undistributed amount would clear the threshold.

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Thank you @Alexey , I guess it explain my situation :+1: and that I should have payed more attention to Storj Labs emails!
I have two remaining questions however:

  • was there a delete process of these satellites data?
  • everything ok with Two of my exiting nodes are now stuck around 50% on this satellite.

Yes, it was deleted, as announced. It doesn’t matter anyway, If your node still has some data from these satellites, because you called a GE. You likely would delete this node anyway, so no special actions are needed for the exiting node.

No problems have been detected. But I would like to suggest to check your logs, does your node have issues with pieces transfers? Search for graceful or transfer and ERROR or failed.