Gracefull Exit Status On the GUI

I have a node that I need to shutdown. (I have others, and will be creating a new one at a later date) I read the graceful exit guide for windows and I was able to get it started. However in the guide it states that the percent complete is legacy on the CLI and will be removed in the future.
I feel that if a graceful exit is in progress it should be displayed on the node dashboard with some kind of graph showing the percent complete, and some kind of ETA clock. This way I can plan accordingly to know when I can power off the node and reconfigure hardware.
Thank you in advance.

You can plan to power off the node 30 days after starting graceful exit. You can set a reminder in the calendar. There is no point in monitoring progress — it does not change the duration.

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Thank you for that. I reread the article, and saw the 30 day note.
I still think it would be beneficial to show that a GE is in progress on the node dashboard. Perhaps with a days countdown instead?
GE Guide

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There is no more progress. It either 0% during 30 days or 100% after GE is completed after 30 days online. Another outcome is only disqualification.