Gracefull exit successfully - now Goodbye!

well the problem is that it feels like one month out of 2-3 is bad income, it is hard to keep SNOs motivated in months when there is almost no traffic, and June has certainly been pretty bad

And your band consumption, then? I have an unmetered connection at my house, but it jumped from bare 100-120Gigs/mo to 1.2+TB/mo… my provider asked me if there were any viruses in my local network.

Not worth at all.

@DeftoneR I live in Brazil. The USD exchange here is 5 BRL to 1 USD, and it is still not worthing all electricity bills, wear of disks, hardware, UPS batteries, bandwidth, patience, extra security at home for a 24/7 setup… not even for a free beer.

It is not true that you can run solely on Raspies or “spare” disks. You need a decent amount of hardware/RAM to get anything worth at all.

This is not true at all. There are many SNOs that have RPis and successfully run their node.


I run my node on an odroid HC2 and it runs perfectly, granted it is a bit more powerful than a raspberry pi but I never even get close to 100% cpu utilization and my whole system only uses ~300MB of the 2GB of ram so I’d say that you can definitely run it on a raspberry pi !


How many money you make of this? I mean get data and contracts enough to get paid, not the physical resources. It will just “run”, but now what? Your setup fills up the disk and get good egress? maybe. But not if you are away from satellites. An embedded user will compete in no ways with datacenter machines. Check yourself the amount of value payed to each SNO. The datacenter rig will answer first, deliver first, dot. Except if you are inside one with your setup.

Well I can’t get an exact value because the cancelled uploads aren’t reported correctly in the logs but I have 99.6% successful downloads so that’s pretty good. Egress is greater than expected for the moment.
My node is still filling up at a rate of about 100GB per day so my earnings don’t really reflect how it’ll be once the node is full.
My results seem to match those of @SGC who has server grade hardware so I’m not too worried about losing the race on uploads/downloads.


Just to throw my 10 pence in. I’ve got 9tb full on one node using existing hardware (no cost to setup). It normally makes me $1 a day when full. So $30 ish a month. But i’ve also earn’t more than that. Considerably more if you include surge. I’ve now got another node fired up that that has another 7tb with 1tb filled. This hardware only cost me the hard drive which was paid from earnings from storj. so effectively free to me. so in theory as time goes on i expect this to fill and maybe add more hard drives. What i’m getting at, is i’m not using it as a source of income now but i can see it making a decent amount of beer money to come in the future. Its an interesting project and it allows me to dabble in crypto with out costing me a fortune in electricity and i also get a drink out of it. Win win all round for me. Also just to add i’ve not yet recieved my held back amount from first nodes which is in the hundreds of dollars. i think about $200


You forgot the warranty is not the same accross countries. Here, the warrany is only one year. I HAD HDDs used in Storj broken with 14 months of use, and replaced it with an unpaid cost. An 8TB harddisk here costs the unbelievable USD 520, an archive HDD (not usable with Storj) costs USD 320. Eletricity costs around USD 0,15 per kW, without taxes.

Wow, that‘s a lot…
I can buy a 6 TB WD Red CMR for around 155€ In germany.

But energy costs 0,30€/kw …

It might me worth to buy slightly better hard drive too. Regular consumer hard drive are more likely to fail in a 24/7 setup with other drives around. NAS hard drive will cost slightly more but will probably have better longevity and usually come with a longer warranty period too (3years or 5years in pro model).

I’m lucky enough to have very low energy cost (around $0.05/kwh) and run my nodes on a NAS that would already be running for other things too. So any revenue is profit right now :smiley:

Getting about 18$/m for a 8TB node and just started a new 10TB node this month slowly filling up


Then running storj node in the country you’re in is not profitable. Simple as that.

here i think the price is about 30 € pr tb for an enterprise grade sata CMR HDD
enterprise hdd’s have a 5 year warranty, and are rated for 550TB instead of like 180TB yearly throughput i think they calculate that in…

not really fully up to speed with all the considerations… kinda been going back and forth between if i should go SAS drives or not… but the economics of that seems questionable…

my full setup is also pretty expensive… but wanted a server anyways… so there is that :smiley:
i got 60tb but only effectively able to use 24tb because of failing drives, redundancy drives and mistake purchases of wrong drive types xD

storj is a learning experience… no doubt there could be a big market for making money on thing or something like it in the future… but it takes a lot of effort to really get good at it…

ofc best approach is to start with system / setup that has low costs to run… so you can get into profit…

i’m on month 5 and the current speed continues i expect to be atleast at 40$ added to total… ofc most of it is still being held… but that will pass after 9month… then its all 100% paid… :smiley: looking forward to that and lots and lots of data lol

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You summed it up nicely… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

so basically you are saying you could go on holiday and bring drives back home and still have saved money… seems unlikely… ofc unless if prices are corona related and or your country simply doesn’t allow trade or taxes the hell out of stuff…

what you are saying doesn’t really make sense…

you sure it’s not ssd’s you are looking at?
sort of fits around that price point… i think ssd is about 5x in cost

I’ve found a bargain:

The same product on International site:

USD x BRL on Google:

Please note that the “shipping and importing fees” at international site for me are actually $232,57. It costs more that the disk itself.

Believe it or not… Brazil is only for the bravest men… :laughing:


I’ve worked in Brazil for 4 years and there is a reason for traveling always with 3 luggage’s.
So, you can believe every word @luzemario is writing here. It’s mostly caused by huge import fees which are around 100% on top of the sales price in the country of origin.

But I love the country and the people there, even more since I am back in Germany.

…has nothing to do with the discussion but I felt I had to support my Brazilian friends. :grin:


i usually use ebay and then look for those with free international shipping, might limit the search but helps get rid of the outrageous shipping prices… tho only by from reliable people

ebay has a global shipping service for all resellers that has a subscription with them and sell for specified minimum or something like that… tho in recent times i’ve been buying of some fairly close resellers that i ended up finding through good ebay deals…

just because it’s true doesn’t mean it has to make sense xD
sure the government benefits from it… but really long term it will just hurt the nation’s ability to compete…

there is something about those import fees and taxes tho… what was it… brazil or other south american nations was having trouble competing with european grain and meat prices… so they raised the import taxes and fees for certain goods to ensure national production of meats and grains… might be some how related to that… it’s a pretty complex subject tho… and i duno much about it… global trade / economy is pretty mindblowing complex lol

maybe the government simply wants its own tech startup’s and thus is trying to stimulate that…
if that is so, there should be grants and such to be found related to that… :smiley:

soon drones might make it quite difficult to avoid free trade tho…

The guy selling at Brazilian Amazon site is effectively importing with my money then selling the disk to me. The estimated time is 31 de Ago - 17 de Set (3 to 5 weeks).

So I am paying the same thing as buying from international site, plus the shipping from that guy.

All in all, it will take some more time to recover investment… :slight_smile: