Grafana Audit score

Its along time ago i dont have any Audit and Vetting Score in my Grafana Dashboard. See Pics:

Maybe someone can help me pls

tnx (hope my question is in the right place)

Hi i have 7 nodes

and have the same issue on one of them I think I tried everithing.

Reinstalled the node, Reinstalled the Prometheus exporter even Grafana itselve.

Just a question are you hosting this node on win 2012R2 becuase all of my other nodes are on win 2016 hence this is the only think i thought of thus far that could be causing the issue

Hi - all Host are on Linux Debian and Ubuntu

Ah ok Dont know much about that I host currenltly windows only, but i would live to host on Linux,

Sorry i cannot be of any assitance