Grafana dashboad - Storj-Exporter-Boom-Table

does anyone use grafana to report nodes usage ?
Once started the tests I’m no more seeing the node throughput but only the peaks.
Moreover it seems that a panel is no more available.
Any suggestion ?
Something else to be used to replace it ?
PS Please check screenshots


It’s related to bandwidth db caching writes and order settlement. This is fixed in v1.106 which will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Someone also built a newer dashboard for the updated Grafana: GitHub - TheChrisTech/Storj-Exporter: Prometheus exporter for monitoring Storj storage nodes

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The Chistech panels use the same exporter, hence the same results…graphing wise.

One could re-write the python to use the node’s debug endpoint to subsitute for the polling of api b/w use (now cached and rather broken, as your screen shot shows). With that as an augmentation, both grafana representations would go back to normal, even without waiting for next node update.