Grafana discrepancy

I have a weird situation with one single node:

In multinode, remaining disk space shows as: 71.02GB
In Grafana, remaining disk space gets reported as: 123.02 GB

Other nodes display correctly. For example:
Node_xy multinode free space: 60.78GB
Node_xy Grafana free space: 60.85 GB

In fact all nodes show similar values for free space like the multinode except this single one, which is way off. Weird, huh? (And the multinode is the correct value).

Just made screenshots from the varios displays from a single node depending on where I look:

Node dashboard:

Multinode disk section:

Multinode dashboard:

Grafana summary table (where Disk left is a column which calculates Disk total - Disk used - Disk Trash):

Grafana summary overview: