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Maybe something interesting to consider? I’ve always believed in the positive environmental footprint of storj compared to centralised solutions.

Me too I’m actually wondering about Storj’s footprint compared to centralized cloud storages…

What makes you think Storj’s better, despite its 2.7 expansion factor? :thinking:

Kind of depends on the type of node operator. My setup consists only of things that were already always online anyway. So there is basically no additional power. I measured it actually. My NAS with Storj running uses about 5w more than without. So… hows that for green!


Similar here. I mean I store 11 TB of data which means I need 2 HDDs, one just for storj. But that HDDs would consume the same amount of electricity in a datacenter and would have some cooling there. The PC itself might only use 1W more due to storj. So can’t get more green than that (excluding the source of electricity. If you have solar power then that’s of course greener but we weren’t talking about that right?)

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12 drives because of Storj. Well, now I use them for other stuff (like chia) too, but I probably would not have them if I was not running a node.
Also, that whole server may not be on or would have lower power CPUs. Since I run it for Storj, I might as well run some other VMs on it, but I probably would not have used that server just for those other VMs.

This is exactly my case as well.

And also the reason why I don’t mind any further adjustments to the SNO’s payouts as long as it is giving a minimal incentive (e.g. covering electricity costs). I’m writing this because I would not like to see storj profits be used to cover investments such as new HDDs.

I should probably run away now that I have made all SNOs my enemies :rofl:

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