Grep: ca.cert: No such file or directory

ran the command to use the token :

sudo identity authorize storagenode

Got this :
2023/02/10 22:07:36 proto: duplicate proto type registered: node.SigningRequest
2023/02/10 22:07:36 proto: duplicate proto type registered: node.SigningResponse
2023-02-10T22:07:36.824Z INFO Anonymized tracing enabled
Identity successfully authorized using single use authorization token.
Please back-up “/root/.local/share/storj/identity/storagenode” to a safe location.

then ran : sudo grep -c BEGIN ~/.local/share/storj/identity/storagenode/ca.cert

got this error :
grep: /home/diamonddog/.local/share/storj/identity/storagenode/ca.cert: No such file or directory

For some reason every time i try to install this node another error pops up that is different.
Can someone PLEASE help with this error. Thank you

I ran find and found it here :

sudo find / -depth -name “ca.cert”

Is this ok to be here or does it need to be somewhere else?

I keep all my identity info on the drive that contains the data. That way if something happens to the host, I can more easily transport the data to another setup. But in terms of where you have it, I believe it should be fine if you want to leave it where it is. Although we do recommend backing it up in the event of failure.


Error: file or directory not found: open identity/identity.cert: permission denied

not sure i did something right. Can i re-create the Identity since i have not started the node yet?

I moved it to a different directory /home and now it says it cant find it :frowning:


I did this in the docker run

--mount type=bind,source="/home",destination=/app/identity \

Can someone PLEASE help me in real time. Via chat. I just cant seem to make this work

Your identity were created in

but you checking it in a different location (you use a home directory, not /root one):

So you need either:

  • check it in the "/root/.local/share/storj/identity/storagenode" path (you need to use sudo before the check command);
  • or copy/move the identity folder (“storagenode” in your case) to the disk with data (preferred), but not only ca.crt, you need to copy/move the whole directory, include all 6 files in it. You will use this path in your docker run commands;
  • or copy/move the identity folder to the /home/diamonddog/ directory (not recommended) and check it there, then use its new path in your docker run commands.

In any case you will either change the owner and permissions of this folder and files in it to your user or do not provide --user $(id -u):$(id -g) option in your docker run commands and run docker always with sudo.

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Thank you Knowledge for all the help you provided me today.
It is 10000% appreciated.

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