GUI for uploading to Tardigrade Network

Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone in the community had developed a GUI tool for users to upload files to the new V3 tardigrade network now that dev invites are being sent out.

There were a couple of good ones for V2.


Yes. There are at least 1-2 integrations/apps that would function as a GUI tool. For example, just today we got a MVP version where you can just mount Storj so it appears like its a hard drive on your computer:


Awesome! Thanks, Shawn. Do you have any links to the one in the pics you posted?

Not yet, we literally got this working 20 minutes ago. Once we iron out the known bugs and issues, we will open this up to some community testing.


This is really neat! With s3 compatible wrapper for business users, and windows compatible interface for personal use, adoption rate will surely increase.

How about on linux, is it possible to nfs / cifs mount tardigrade bucket on linux?


I’d be interested in testing this with Resilio Sync and Syncthing if you need some more testers to look at this implementation.

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There’s also for your file transfer needs.


Yes its possible to mount on linux, and it should work better than on windows.

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Thought I’d resurrect this now that I have my tardigrade invite. Any update on a GUI @super3

Hi - and can you tell us HOW we can mount a bucket to linux?

The Uplink used to have a mount option, but it seems to have been removed from the docs. I’m not sure if there is an official way to do that right now. You could try using tools that enable mounting S3 storage in linux through the s3-gateway. Like S3FS.

What happened to the windows mount program?