Guide for installing Storage Node without docker (Linux)?


Is there a unofficial guide for installation on Linux without having to setup docker?

I don’t have any other docker containers on my system, and my drive is a RAIDZ showing as a single pool, so I only need/want one instance.

You can adapt my FreeBSD installer by replacing rc.d scripts with systemd or whatever launcher your Linux is using: GitHub - arrogantrabbit/freebsd_storj_installer: Installer script for Storj on FreeBSD. The rest of the initialization will be the same.

Oh, by the way, you can install podman and run your containers rootless in the userspace. Podman will even generate the service wrappers for you—one less thing to need to do manyally—and take care of auto-updating when the image changes (I.e. no need for watchtower, root access, installing docker, and what not).

This approach maybe easier to adapt since STORJ already provides docker images. I’ve posted summary of how to run docker containers (different ones, but process is the same for storj) rootless with podman on Linux (including SELinux specific adjustments) here: Running auto-updatable services in rootless containers with podman on Oracle Linux/RHEL/Fedora with SELinux enabled | Trinkets, Odds, and Ends. (Sorry for the shameless plug, but I don’t have ads nor sell data from my blog)

Nice, I will check it out thanks :smiley: Was hoping there might even be a snap container or something easy that doesn’t require the entirety of docker installed.

Well, the podman is [supposed to be] exactly that :wink:

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You may take a look on Storj node without docker on Debian Bullseye - #2 by Alexey