Had to rebuild node, can't get it running

The 10TB file share has been unchanged, and I have a backup of the identity data, but now the docker instance crashes and restarts over and over.

Error: piecestore monitor: error verifying location and/or readability of storage directory: node ID in file (12d9qAJ1uTscWDNzpc99j18TvjfG28GAZt6niZTMaua8uPFjmGg) does not match running node’s ID (12k6xYsZqQJANA2mac1Q3wwEJeXLtMDUwSWfjwGJN9Bp3UWsTE3)

Also getting a lot of:
ERROR pieces:trash emptying trash failed {“error”: “pieces error: filestore error: context canceled”,

The original node was down for about a week, so it might be too late now to go back online… Should I be starting from scratch?

You trying to run a node with a different identity for the existing data.

If you have a backup of your identity for the 12d9qAJ1uTscWDNzpc99j18TvjfG28GAZt6niZTMaua8uPFjmGg node, you should use it with this data.

If you lost the identity for 12d9qAJ1uTscWDNzpc99j18TvjfG28GAZt6niZTMaua8uPFjmGg, then you need to clean the storage and perform the setup step again: Storage Node - Storj (in case of Docker), in case of Windows GUI you need to reinstall it. The node 12d9qAJ1uTscWDNzpc99j18TvjfG28GAZt6niZTMaua8uPFjmGg will be disqualified in this case and all its held amount is forfeit.