Hard times coming

Winter is coming and nodes are starting to (in some case) decrease data. First time in my life of storj op.
Still waiting for eu north1 and us2 effect to disappear but I’m loosing hope to a strong increase in the storage data in the future. Too many nodes operators and too few customers data.
I’m too pessimist?

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I would not worry about it. The network is self-regulating. Too many operators compared to demand — each get very little traffic, payments drop, some operators quit, the rest get more data.

What storj pays is free money, it does not matter how much. This comment summarizes this extremely well: [broken link deleted]

(Fixing the broken comment link after the topic split): Use an existing online hardware vs investments && ROI expectation - #4 by tylkomat


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I guess you mean this comment:

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actually winter is usually good for data on storj, lots of people move inside when the weather changes.

i think we should have seen the worst of the decrease effects now.

I don’t think anyone is claiming that its winter yet…
only that we are getting closer to the winter half of the year…

and like i said, it really depends on the weather… a mild winter might see worse data activity… ofc would require a lot of logs to show something like that.

but that would be my gut shot guess.

also if one wants to push it a bit closer, then the equinox falls at the 21st of Dec :smiley:
so i would consider that the peak of winter, atleast from a practical physics perspective…

the true effects on the weather would lag a bit behind and its really the weather and the holidays that Storj DCS activity is affected by…

maybe thats why they made it so Dec doesn’t end at the Equinox.

but i digress and might also be getting a bit off topic… lol

i don’t count your hemisphere… :smiley: not as many Storj nodes nor as many users :smiley:

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btw “winter is coming” is just a Games of thrones citation :sweat_smile:
We are living in a decentralized world without sync seasons

This should be reported as discourse bug. It should have rewritten the relative URLs when comment was moved

They are, but you need to provide it on a new line. Inline links are not updated.

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Interesting. An oversight then, still an UX bug :slight_smile: They know it’s a link, to a post they know is being moved. I feel there are no circumstances when the links should not be updated, regardless of whether it is inline or with a preview…

Thus there is a bug report (but seems classified as a feature request) above on their forum.