HardDrive requirements

hi team, according to node requirements the one shall have at least 500GB?
is it an absolut minimum or one can set up a node using 200 GB as well?
I’m lookinng on 2 VPS: one with 200Gb storage and 400Mbs link and another with 700gb storage and 100Mbs. So according to reward calculator link speed is more important then storage, but would want to get clarification regarding minimal harddrive requirement.

Yes. You should physically have 500GB + 10% overhead. I would go with 700GB.


If you’re planning to rent a VPS just to run a storagenode on it, then you should stop right there. It will never be profitable.


Why so, do I misunderstand calculation? If I can get a node for 45USD with 700 Gb harddrive and 100Mbs unlimited trafikk. according to Storage node estimator one can get up to 145 USD per month. Assuming that only 1/3 will be utlised, you still be in positve? or do I mis-calcualte something?

You’re assuming that customers are downloading data all the time and saturate your bandwidth 100%. This will not even remotely happen. How often do you expect customers to download their data over and over again?

Edit: I made ~$20 in July with a lot of testing going on with 3.5TB stored data and ~ 900 GB egress traffic. Don’t expect that to happen with real customer data. Divide these figures by 5 to get the figures for your “measly” 700GB. Also keep in mind the held amount in escrow.


Sad to see they’ve raised the minimum drive to 500 GB. That eliminates a lot of fast 512 GB NVMe SSDs. I keep watching for the reason but have yet to stumble across it.

this is not a recent change, we have always required a minimum of 500 GB for V3 nodes.