Hardly any egress showing in the dashboard even though there have been many uploads

Hi, I am a new SNO who just got started about 24h ago. So far I have seen about 4 GB of ingress, but only 0.51 KB of egress. I am perplexed by this since by running successrate.py I get this:

========== AUDIT ==============
Critically failed:     0
Critical Fail Rate:    0.000%
Recoverable failed:    0
Recoverable Fail Rate: 0.000%
Successful:            2
Success Rate:          100.000%
========== DOWNLOAD ===========
Failed:                0
Fail Rate:             0.000%
Canceled:              0
Cancel Rate:           0.000%
Successful:            0
Success Rate:          0.000%
========== UPLOAD =============
Rejected:              0
Acceptance Rate:       100.000%
---------- accepted -----------
Failed:                0
Fail Rate:             0.000%
Canceled:              1693
Cancel Rate:           91.712%
Successful:            153
Success Rate:          8.288%
========== REPAIR DOWNLOAD ====
Failed:                0
Fail Rate:             0.000%
Canceled:              0
Cancel Rate:           0.000%
Successful:            0
Success Rate:          0.000%
========== REPAIR UPLOAD ======
Failed:                0
Fail Rate:             0.000%
Canceled:              1646
Cancel Rate:           82.259%
Successful:            355
Success Rate:          17.741%
========== DELETE =============
Failed:                0
Fail Rate:             0.000%
Successful:            0
Success Rate:          0.000%

As you can see, I have 153 successful uploads and 355 successful repair uploads, but still no egress is showing in the dashboard save half a kilobyte, which is from an audit.


Am I configuring my setup incorrectly, or is this a normal occurence? Thanks!

Looks about right. Pretty quiet right now.

Yes, but shouldn’t the uploads be showing on the egress?

Uploads are what the customer is uploading to your node. Which is your ingress.

Upload = Ingress
Download = Egress

You will not see much traffic until your node is vetted, which takes 100 audits per satellite. May take up to 60 days depending on satellite activity.

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the logs just used upload and download definitions in a weird way… its seen from a satellite or customer perspective… which is kinda weird when it’s logs on a local machine… takes a bit getting use to…

traffic is also kinda low at the moment i think…

Yes, and looking through the logs I can see multiple uploads (egress, because server’s POV) but no egress as shown in the dashboard.

that is ingress


and really my 10tb node has done 122mb today… and also only 4.9gb yesterday egress
and ingress hasn’t been much better…

maybe storagenode logs should be written as ingress and egress ofc that doesn’t really make sense when it writes egress success…
anyways as a SNO i try to just call it ingress and egress… keeps me from having to deal with the weird log stupidity.

This is egress, it is the server attempting to upload a shard and failing because it was not quick enough. Correct me if I am wrong.

Egress being downloading [to the server] does not make sense, as the 4GB of space taken up on my drive could not have come from half a kilobyte.

litori’s definition makes sense as ingress is uploading [to my server] and egress is [another server] downloading [from me]. However the problem still remains. Egress from uploading shards does not seem to be being logged.

you just contradicted yourself in 2 consecutive posts…
your last one however is correct and what I said…

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No. When I was talking about uploads, I meant uploads as defined in the logs, not uploads as litori defined them.

uploads defined in the logs are uploads from a customer to your node and therefore ingress.

upload (logs) = ingress (dashboard) = unpaid
download (logs) = egress (dashboard) = paid

Egress is downloading from your server and will show as “download” in the logs.

This is true, and “litori’s definition” is what is used in the storagenode logs.

I agree that using upload/download in the logs is confusing though, egress/ingress would be much better.

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How many times? You’ve been corrected several times already.

I’ll do one more attempt. Terminology is all from the customers point of view. So across uplink, gateway, satellite and storagenode, when a customer uploads data to the network, it’s called an upload. Which is ingress for the network or your node. When a customer downloads, that’s egress.

This is not some persons definition, it’s how terminology works across all components of the Storj network.


How many times? You’ve been corrected several times already.

As many times as needed to eliminate the misconception that I am trying to use to refute your explanations :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everyone for all their help, I believed that the process in which if you were too slow the shard upload/download canceled was done when a file was being retrieved, not when it was being stored. After reading the storj whitepaper and rereading the forum post that I thought said that, I understand.

Thanks again.

This is for both ingress and egress. Nodes try to download and upload more than necessary for speed improvement

Ok, thank you. I believed it was just one.