Hardware Issue - storj


After encountering several issues with my node’s CPU, I’ve decided to change the unit completely, keeping the ssd and the hdds. The only problem is that when I am trying to boot windows onto the new hardware, it encounters BSOD due to the change in the CPU.

Now, is it ok for the storj node if I do a windows update from the boot manager ? Will I lose the data ? ( I have installed Windows GUI onto the ssd running windows, and the node data is on a separate hdd)
What is your recommendation ?

basically afaik, you have two things that are important, your identity files and the storagenode data… so long as you don’t loose either of those folders you should be good.

else you are basically down to following the migration guide


tho you might be able to repair windows, usually when you jump from one system to another with the same windows, its the chipset drivers and such that really act up… you might even get it up and running if you can boot it into safe mode…
and then just boot it normally afterwards as windows should find new drivers, if you can get into safe mode with a working network / internet it might even download the stuff it needs if it doesn’t have it already.

i would try that before doing anything else, it might be a 2 minutes fix.

else try to get it to repair windows, tho that might not be possible, then you are back at a reinstall or and then it should be a question of where stuff is located… if you accidentally might format the drive that contains the storagenode…

haven’t had a v3 node on windows… so not much help there.

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already did boot into safe mode with networking, but when I’m trying to do check for updates, it loads but nothing happens ( as in it does not find any new updates )

I have my identity files saved on a separate computer, so I should be resuming my node sharing if I am installing a fresh windows and do the same process again ( considering the fact that my storgenode data is on a separate hdd ) ?

if you can get into safemode, then you might be good just to boot normally again… else you might have software installed that requires certain hardware… something which you might be able to uninstall in safe mode.

windows 7 or higher usually have been able to move from machine to machine with little issue, atleast for me… my best guess would be some sort of software that goes crazy and takes down windows with it…

or maybe if you got a hibernation file thats bigger than your ram… but i doubt that is even a thing… seem to obvious an error.

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I was thinking maybe because I switched from amd to intel, plus the error I’m getting with the bsod is adodriver.sys, which is the system file for amd chipset.

Can’t really find a way to bypass that no matter what I’m doing. Already installed the intel chipset drivers manually, but it doesn’t seem to work.

the amd to intel is a good bet…
maybe there is something online on how to get past it… seems like something many people will run into…

i’ve been using intel for over a decade, so your guess might be spot on…

Really what I wanted to know is if I’m installing a new version of windows, on a different ssd, can I keep my settings for the node ?

and if I need to actually back up the data that was shared, if I’m using the same hdd for sharing ?

that’s in the link i posted first.

basically take this with a grain of salt, i’m new at v3 and duno where its located in windows because my server is on linux…

but basically you have two things that’s important and those are the two folder locations you use in your docker command line… if you use docker… xD

the identify files folder and the storagenode folder…
with those two folder you can move your node around like you please. i believe… xD

but again i would refer you to the storj documentation i linked to be 100% sure you don’t do anything wrong.


Before you do that you may want to simply try and run windows startup repair.