Has anyone's storagenode auto-upgraded using watchtower to version 1.3.3?


I have followed the steps mentioned in https://documentation.storj.io/setup/cli/software-updates
to start watchtower for auto-upgrade.

My storagenode is at version v1.1.1 and I received notification to upgrade the node to v1.3.3 around 18 hours ago.

I thought the node would be auto-upgraded but it did not, unsure if this is a bug?
Has anyone seen this happen in their environment?


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The notification is a bug. The storage node should not update.


Oh I was going through other posts in the forum, I was just thinking if I need not do anything. Thank you.

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Watchtower took about 7 days to update my node. (the message Update your Node to Version v1.3.3 has been displayed 7 times in my dashboard notification).

Is this duration normal ?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, it’s normal when using a rolling-update strategy.

The message is broadcasted to every node at the same time, but your node gets updated when it’s its turn.


OK !

Thanks for the explanation.


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