Have just had my node disqualified

Have just had my node disqualified. Due to issues with my isp had to connect up there router for 72 hours which meant my main router was offline. There definitely needs to be some allowance for maintenance if a node operator can give some notice. My isp has a planned outage on the 19th of this month which they say may take a day. So i will not be able to get a new node up and running until after that date.

Your node can’t currently be disqualified for down time only for losing files or files not being accessible. Before you start over, find out how the files got lost or inaccessible and prevent it from happening again.


surely if router is down then files are innaccessible.

By that I meant node is online and communicating with the satellite, but files are inaccessible. If your node is offline it won’t fail audits. So something else was going on that lead to disqualification.

The DQ process is flawed. You can have 100% uptime and 100% audit on all nodes, then suddenly you’re blocked on one of them…

AFAIK, Storj is still in beta - too many critical bugs.

Your node can be disqualified if you managed to lost data.

Dear all, I had to move my node from one Server to another and followed the instructions on the documenation. But I was disqualified.
The only thing I can imagine why is becasue this was between two different servers and not on the same server. I copied pasted the identity, it worked during two days and then stopped
No i asked for a new node code on the website, but nothing arrives in the mail. I would be so glad if you could help here. I am a big fan of the idea and want to be part of this revolution. Thanks,

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