Have no idea if my node is normal

i have no idea if my node is normal.
i have been a SNO for over 24 days, i have two node with two id token and in two different places.
it’s been 24 days now, but my daily ingress is still between 1-1.2GB, daily egress is less then 300MB
both of the two node have the same situation.

is that normal? am i still need to wait more days ? how long i should wait?
how can i check my node status ?

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You are still in vetting phase during which you get 5% of traffic/data to your node. It usually takes a month to get vetted on each satellite. So this is normal. Check your logs to make sure you aren’t failing audits


ok, that would make me less worry about it now. thank you.
and i check my score is 1 for every satellite .i think what i need is to wait some more days.

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