Haven’t received my payout?

Hey heunland, Alex from Bender Labs here! Let me know any questions I can help answer. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Storj Forum Alex. Could you please answer the question I posted above

also please answer

  1. Here are the tentative steps for a new wrapped token.
  1. We wouldn’t distribute them to individual wallets or individual users, the receiving wallet is chosen during wrapping. An alternative to this would be to wrap a batch of STORJ into wSTORJ, and then your team distributes it to users on the Tezos side.

Oh, this listing policy is public. I have a PDF from my previous outreach.

@arriaga91c, I just have to say, what you have here for the listing policy is untenable.

For the benefit of the thread, Storj is definitely open to other token transfer technologies. Wrapped tokens on other chains provide similar functionality (and similar drawbacks) to layer 2 on Ethereum, so, we’re definitely willing to consider it. There are lots of options here; Avalanche has a bridge, Cardano has or is working on one, Moonbeam on Polkadot, etc, etc.

Basically, if a bridge lists us, we will investigate providing that as a payment mechanism, but it’s unlikely we’ll jump through the hoops outlined in your document. If we transfer wrapped STORJ on Tezos we’ll of course tell people they can get paid that way, but buying some minimum amount of WRAP token or changing our logos? Uh, no.


Is there a way to initiate a manual payment?

Not at the moment, please wait for payouts to be completed, if you have not opted in to L2 zkSync, you will receive payout if your total undisbursed earnings exceed the payout threshold. If you have opted in to zkSync, you will receive payout +10% bonus this month.

why not just move off eth to ada, no bridge no wrapping no layer 2, just move

Payouts are done within the first 2 weeks of each month

@jtolio if the Tezos community bring wStorj up will Storj add it as payment option ?

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@jensamberg - if that happens (I’ve asked them before and received the list of requirements @arriaga91c posted), then I don’t see why not. It’s not much different for us to send wSTORJ on another chain than it is for us to send STORJ on zkSync.