Haven’t received my payout?

Haven’t received my payout?
node: 12DfgaRYothy5ByJKy8GmTNXsorYvjzQKTKNt1Yr2wCJAJNzFDz

@meerektee nobody has yet this month

Without words: :confounded: :persevere:

Only reason I’ve restarted my nodes is that I’m also Mining ETH with that rig, so I can offset the costs of running a node with the income from mining. (G.E’d my nodes at the start of the year due to hardware issues among other concerns!)

It’s taken nearly 8 months from scratch to hit the 1.1Tb mark on my single 4Tb drive. At this rate it will be well into next year before this node will be able to pay it’s fair share of the costs.

I really don’t like locking my Storj in zkSync, but due to costs, it’s the only option open at the moment. In the past 8 months I will get only around $10 in total (not including any bonuses). Looks like I’ll just be holding on to the token in zkSync for the near future.

My dashboard doesn’t show an increase in the undistributed payout and I haven’t received a payout. I had $30 in undistributed payout and $12 for September as well as 1/2 held amount ($11) being due me because of the age of my node, so $53 dollars. STORJ disappoints again.

It is not just disappointing, it is also concerning. Even with zKSync as

So you have to pay almost $50 to be able to spend your funds or what is left after you have paid the fees. How does this make sense?


and yet storj seems obsessed that what we want is more frequent payouts of our $3.00 a month at $1.50 each.

I can only repeat Tezos already proved as the new blockchain for NFTs and smart contracts with fees bellow 1 cent. Storj please wrap your token to the Tezos network via Wrap Protocol. So you can pay SNOs with wStorj

Do they have an API to their gateway and can receive STORJ then distribute them to the operators?

I trigger the Bender guys on Telegram. Hopefully they answer it

Please explain how recipients of WSTORJ wrapped via Tezos will be able to turn those WSTORJ into fiat money, which exchanges or swapping services provide a fiat gateway for SNOs to cash out to their local currency and how much will it cost to convert from WSTORJ to fiat, if this is implemented.

We have Quipuswap or Plenty. There you can swap wStorj if created to Tezos and then you can Transfer to exchange and cash out with a few cents of fees

Also we have stable coin on Tezos chain

What are you swapping the WSTORJ into? and what are you transferring to an exchange? Please describe step by step exactly what the SNO has to do with the WSTORJ and how much money each step costs in fees until they get fiat for example USD or EUR? Are these Tezos stable coins accepted by regular mainstream exchanges or how will you turn them into actual fiat. This should probably be a separate thread.


Option 1 with very low gas fees on Tezos network:

1.The SNO receive wStorj from Storj. Fee approx 5 cents
2. The SNO swap wStorj to Tezos. Fee approx 5 cents
3. The SNO transfer Tezos to exchange and selle. Fee for Transfer approx 5 cents.

Option 2 is wStorj WRAP back to Storj. However then the SNO is back in the High gas fee chain Ethereum

Option 1 is highly recommended.

Ok thanks, we still need to get an answer to Alexey’s earlier question about API availability Haven’t received my payout? - #10 by Alexey before we could propose this as a payout option. We would also need to gage how much interest there actually is among the SNOs in receiving their payouts via Tezos wrapping. Furthermore, I don’t even see WSTORJ listed on that Quipuswap service. What are the requirements to get listed there?

Is there enough liquidity to make these swaps?

If Storj ever create wStorj with BenderLabs I think so.
However when Storj really think about they can also use direct Tezos or kUSD.

Somebody from Bender Labs will contact @Alexey and answer all questions. I triggered the guys on Telegram and got a reply that they will contact Storj

Please list the requirements to create wStorj with BenderLabs. As already mentioned many times before, Storj Labs is not going to switch from making payouts in STORJ to some other token. STORJ is the utility token for our project.