HDD additional power

Does someone tried this devices?
NEW ATX 6/8Pin 12V to 5/12V 4x 4PIN + 4x 5PIN Power Supply Breakout Board Module Adapter Connector for ATX PSU 2.5/3.5" SATA HDD - AliExpress 7
As PSU have usualy 8-12 Sata Power this Device take PCIE power and give ability to power 4 additional HDD

I haven’t tried it: but it’s definately easier than wiring up your own 5v transformer. And you’re right that PSUs these days tend to have lots of 6-8pin PCIe connectors (for GPUs) and very few that can be used for molex.

(Edit: and the magnet feet are clever: you can slap it anywhere in your case!)

not me, Try it and tell us, if it blows up. coz looks good. You can use mining motherboards yet, that allows to plug in up to 5 power suplies, MSI did some

I just searches something like this, because only 250 EUR PSU has about 16 sata power
but this way can easily add HDDs event with normal price PSU

I would not trust that thing to reliable transfer 12V to 5V.

I would rather use a splitter like this:


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I have other exiriece on this splitters. HDDs work unstable on them, it is too much for wire and connector.

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Well, think about which of the two is way, way more complex and thous prone to fail.
One of them is a connector.
The other is a connector with extra parts.

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Just using a splitter doesn’t increase the capacity of the PSU. Like if it’s rated to do 15a of 5v… and it can’t handle more… splitting it across more connectors doesn’t help.

Vadims device actually has transformers to convert more amps at 5v. Yes it’s a draw on the 12v capacity… but for powerering HDDs most PSUs have monster 12v ratings (to handle GPUs) and are sorta starved for 5v.

I don’t have need for one today… but I’d certainly try it!


I orders 2 pcs for try, so will give some feedback .


True, but normally the amps are not the limiting factor but the number of connectors.
But of course, like always in life, if you use any kind of power strip, you have to make sure there is enough.

To proof my point, look at the beQuiet Straight Power 12 750W.
It has 8 SATA connectors but offers 130W for 5V.
Combine that with staggered spin up and I bet you can use at least 13 drives with that PSU instead of the included 8.

sata cables were used for GPU mining and they are not so reliable over 50W, so if you daisychain this simple splitters you can be close to their limit to melt them down and with cheap chinese knockoffs with lower tolerances this can be a higher risk.

U need modular PSU, my corsair 550x is able to connect 15 for sure, it has 3 slots for 4x sata, so each for 4 disk and You can use additionaly some slots for pci-e and use adapters to sata, and there You have it, its like 100 euro for new i see, and half for used, dont have to be same model, its just a good modular PSU have option to plug many disks, a matter of cables for sata.

WD Ultrastar 20TB

Thought it will be helpful to others for appropriate power sizing.

There are cases where you have the capacity and just need a couple more connectors: where you’d choose to use the splitter you linked. And there are cases where you need more capacity and would choose to use a transformer like Vadim linked. They’re different requirements: and yet the solution for each is ‘normal’.

Mitos’s table is a good example: to estimate 1a 5v per HDD. Many larger multi-GPU-capable PSUs these days will do 20a 5v… which sounds like enough… until you have them in 4u 24-bay enclosures… then you’re bumping up against the limits of reliability.


13 drived usualy not a problem, usualy problem starts from 15-16


i would have to inspect, its hard do see down there, need to turn off whole setup to get there, but im sure i have 13 + 2 ssd on this PSU and +1 free sata slot, so there must be some adapter to a slot dedicated to graphic card, but its on original cables. Edit yea im sure You can plug one sata to a slot of 6+2PCie, that way You have 4 x 4 sata on such 55-100euro PSU. Aaand edit2: a 4+4CPU often used for 2nd PCie for graphic has same shape so i bet its another 4 sata pottetialy, because the PSU has another line for CPU already. *just some CPUs need 2 cable to the motherboard, so i bet You can use all thsoe for satas with proper cables:

6+2 Pcie gives only 12V there is no 5v, so you cant just plug it in there.
4+4 pcu gives also only 12V



well i guess those have it, coz the cable fits, and i have one occupied by 4x sata,
just not sure if You can plug Your CPU if You take that 4+4, but im 99% sure it fits for sata as well, if cable fits.

Edit: im sorry, Your right @Vadim i have occupied only 3 x sata for disks.
Its 2 x 3 sata, and 1 x 3 molex + 3 x 4 sata adapters to it lol.
(i did not do that, it was bought that way lol)
so 12 disks are on 1 sata slot in PSU hmmm
And 1 Pcie slot in PSU is free for graphic.

So Yea if 12 disks can be run on 1x 6pin sata slot in PSU,
so who knows maybe other 2 can be populated like that as well, (a 36 disks? obviously insane)
just to get the cables, the ones i have molex to sata sleeved isn’t even listed on corsair website…

They are not fit, cable locks are in center, so it not made for it.


Vadims right: CPU(4+4)/GPU/PCIe power cables don’t carry 5v. That’s why they have different wiring patterns, and each pin has a different-shaped plastic cover (some square, some not) so you can’t plug them in improperly.

This is also good place for a general reminder to not mix modular PSU cables between brands. The wire patterns on the motherboard/HDD/GPU side are standardized: but they can be very different on the PSU side. Mixing cables often lets out the magic smoke :wink:

(Edit: even the same make/model can bite you. Imagine sending in a PSU for warranty, getting the same model back… plugging it in… and having it fry all your HDDs? Manufacturer silently changed the pinouts - idiots!)