HDD disapearing problem

I had case when my sata connected HDD in windows pc lost connection on node, even after HDD change.
Hope it was Sata wire problem, changed it also.
the problem is that it was loking like all working but just dashboaed not shown any bandwidth information. Is it posible to integrate to Storj service some HDD control that will give information about lost HDD or just kill service, then SNO can reakt fast, as i have outside port monitoring and if node is gone geting email. May be someone have even better idea about that. Bad things hapens, but what we can do is prepear to this in apropriate way.

HDD disapering and in logs it looks like lot ot upload started but no upload endings.
And no downloads.
but at the same time audits all normal .
And HDD is not in the list of my computer, after restart is all ok

This is sounds like a hardware problem. Usually it could happen, if capacitors on your motherboard ara dried or if not enough power from your internal power supply block.
I would recommend to repair your PC. This problem can’t be solved by software, sorry.

Problem i would like to solv is to storj control hdd existance time to time not only on start.

It will not solve the root of problem. I still would insist to repair the hardware.

Welcome back, some time not heard fro you.

Yes it true, but if i not know that problem exist, i cant fix it. And problem existance always would like to know as fast as posible.

I don’t think it’s Storj’s job to detect hard drive failures and you shouldn’t expect it to run on dying hardware or broken drivers


This is needed to know ASAP when your hardware becom dying.

The OS-based tools is exactly for that.
You can Google a lot of solutions to monitor health of your HDD and even have an alarming system including SMS.