HDD PER/H not counting

Hi , i just install new node with 2tb HDD , but HDD per hour not counting . take look my screen

Any idea ?

OK its updated after 2 hours … no idea what it was …

This number isn’t updated in real time. So this is normal behavior.

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Yes i got that … and my windows node softwere not yet updated … should i wait more ?

Please make sure the updater service is running.
Use an elevated powershell.

Get-Service storagenode*

If it isn’t:
Start-Service storagenode-updater
If it is:
Restart-Service storagenode-updater

Hopefully that should make it update automatically again.

Windows PowerShell
Copyright (C) 2016 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

PS C:\Users\Administrator> Get-Service storagenode*

Status   Name               DisplayName
------   ----               -----------
Running  storagenode        Storj V3 Storage Node
Stopped  storagenode-upd... Storj V3 Storage Node Updater

PS C:\Users\Administrator> Start-Service storagenode-updater
PS C:\Users\Administrator> Restart-Service storagenode-updater
PS C:\Users\Administrator>

Yes i updated , its seems it was stopped , but its seems saying stopped under status

Node is updated !! however as nick said it right … i had 3 servers under same network and its deonst make me money , so i bought from Canada and USA and now France… so 3 location hope after try this next 6 month , will add more server in to storj … i have more from lituania and india

Don’t buy a VPS solely for STORJ. It will most likely not be profitable. Only use unused storage space an a server you use for other things too.

May I ask how much you pay for a VPS? And how much storage does it have?
Edit: Found this post How much can I earn with a 1GBit connection?

Now I can tell you it will never be profitable. Without surge payment I would have earned less than $22 for 4.5TB actual stored (not assigned) data. You pay $21 alone for a VPS with 2x2TB (I guess in RAID1). You might make a small “profit” if customers start downloading their data a lot. But even then it will take month to fill this space where you make a loss…

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You really don’t get it your throwing your money out the window right now… The whole point of storj is to be hosted at home. Storj isn’t a lottery the more tickets you have the more chances of winning the jackpot, Your spending all the money expecting to make money, which you will not you going to be paying more per month for these VPS then you will be making.


Yes i got your point and thank for advice . well the servers not VPS and its dedicated server which is i get for discounted price and im server reseller . and some of project i do run RDP with windows server . so i use to pay for them and i dont mind to run storj as side income . and i saw live example who run storj more then 152 days … and i saw number is almost covering month bill and when its done with 15month contract can get image of long term benifits … that how i come to this poin … yes there few loses with trying storj … almost 60USD … lol

I don’t really understand this at all, If I wanted to go rent a server I would get a discount even if I wasn’t a server reseller, This is not a reason to go out and rent a bunch of servers. If you do the math you will be going into debt every single month for 6 months and beyond. This is not good business practice, You’d be better off going to buy hardware instead cause at least you would have the hardware still, If you stop paying for the Server you loose everything.

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Really? Windows RDP in a public server? Are you sure you know what you’re doing?


No for my privet project … :slight_smile:

Yes as my calculate will have to run atlast 4 month … then will get idea , however i will keep post in here you guys … someone has to test it out right ?

No no one needs to test its already been proven not a good idea…I know people on here that have done the samething and they canceled every single server they rented because its not cost effective to do.

server cost 10USD to 18USD … so im i in risk ? and i been with thos server more thne 3 yaers … only one time down for network upgrade just 2min …

You clearly dont have your story straight, Ill expect you to be complaining your not making any money and its costing more then your making just in a few months time.

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OK ill update !!! hope for the best !!!

After reading lots of his posts, not only in this thread, I’m almost certain he doesn’t have a f***in clue.

And no manners…oh, his manners.


come one guys … dont be so rude … just chill out … take it easy , life is beautiful

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