Healthcare as customers?

Has storj already thought about healthcare (hospitals for examples?)

I work in an hospital and because of privacy issues they are really reluctant to put data in the cloud. So the hospital I work in (and many others) basically host their own cloud, which comes at a cost. Storj could be a lot cheaper and since there is nog third party like google or amazon that hosts the data is might be even save. I see a lot of benefits for hospitals and similar companies

At the moment, it’s not possible to specify which regions data is located so therefore this would likely cause a GDPR issue for any European hospitals (and other companies for that matter). I understand this is a feature in the roadmap but definitely agree it could be an option!

To be honest I see zero benefits. The procurement is quite advanced for these kind of things. StorJ would never be able to win a contract for these kinds of things. They are too small. Also location, location, location is key.

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I wonder if that will be an issue, since data is encrypted at the source and split into many chunks. Without all the parts and the encryption key nothing can be done with the data

GDPR and HIPAA and other regulations that apply require much more than just encrypting data. It’s a challenge for sure. It might be possible to overcome, but no such certifications are currently in place as far as I’m aware.