Held amount not payed?

Stefan bentens sattelite is in it’s 16 month since of june.

I have not received the 50% held back during this months payout. Is this a bug or am I missing something here?

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payouts are not complete yet, lets get back to it then, when will be announced about payout complete.

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Ah was not aware of that. I already see 6 transactions in my payout address. Was assuming it was completed

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I received my payout for this sat already and noticed the same thing. Last month was the payout for month 15 for us-central-1 for me and I didn’t receive the held amount return either, but I did in this months payout. I think it’s actually paid back with the payout for month 16 currently. But I’m waiting for this payout data to be reported back to the nodes before I make my final conclusions.

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Does the web dashboard says month 16 too?

On my oldest node it says month 14 even though I can see a few pence in the payment information for April 2019. The earnings calculator script says correctly month 15.

I don’t know whether it is a local display error or whether the satellite also thinks that I’m in month 14.

I’m still running v1.5.2, so the web dashboard is still wrong. It currently shows June is month 16, but the way it’s calculated on this version that number changes halfway through the month. It shouldn’t be trusted unless you’re already on v1.6.3. That version uses the exact same calculation the earnings calculator already uses.

For what it’s worth, the web dashboard calculates it locally independent from the satellite calculation. I haven’t looked into how the satellite calculates it.

both your calculater and the web dashboard show the 16th month for me (v1.5.2.)

Even a broken clock is right twice a day :wink:


did you count from 0 or from 1 xD