Held amount on satellites

is it possible to get held amount from api by satellite?
I have lot of nodes, and as storj delete test data, i would like analyze how much held amount from test satellite I have.

The dashboard has a held amount history.

Yes but i need it from, API

for the current month:

but for total you need to summarize the held for each month using

I.e., total held:

((Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing http://localhost:14002/api/heldamount/paystubs/2019-07/2022-01).content | ConvertFrom-Json).held | Measure-Object -Sum

total held returned:

((Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing http://localhost:14002/api/heldamount/paystubs/2019-07/2022-01).content | ConvertFrom-Json).disposed | Measure-Object -Sum

Then substract the returned held amount from held amount and divide the result to 10^6 to get an USD value.