Held Amount Payment


Just wondering if any knows when I will receive 50% of my held amount as I enter the 15 month last month? or is it really the 16th month

" Month 15 : 50% of total withholdings are returned to storage node operator, with the remaining 50% held until the node gracefully exits the network"


Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi Anton,

You should receive your 50% held amount in August’s payout, which will be payed in the beginning of September. You are currently on month 15, so the held back will be applied when your node reaches the end of month 15 (when your node displays month 16).

It’s likely it won’t be paid until month 17, which is the payment period for month 16.

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I was thinking that :slight_smile: thanks for the reply.

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So far it has been paid out with the payout of month 16, so during the first half of month 17.

I’m not sure if this is a bug, but that’s what has been happening.


Thanks for the input people, hopefully get it at some point :sweat_smile:

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No worries, you’ll definitely get it. Just a month later than you may have expected.