Held Amount payout

Held amount is returned on the 15th month and just 50%.
At this point, my 7 nodes are full, totaling 24TB, and still going for ROI.
Would Storj be considering the full payout after the 15th month? That way ROI would come sooner and would be able to expand my nodes buying new HDD´s.

The held amount is used to pay other SNOs for repair traffic in case your node exits the network unexpectedly, so no, they won’t pay out the entire amount.


You will only get the full amount on a successful graceful exit.


it’s also a pretty relative term, what do you consider ROI

return on investment obviously… but without knowing your setup its not easy to evaluate…

have you bought a brand new server, filled it with hard drives and expect that to be paid off in 15 months… or do you have a Rpi with a 7 harddrives connected.

kinda make a big difference in how easy it is to make your money back, and still long term it will atleast take a few years for each harddrive to pay itself back… and then you ofc need electricity… and something to control it… maybe some redundancy…

i doubt this is an easy way to make money… long term… maybe it has potential
short term… don’t count on it…

@naxbc you do know that past the 6th month mark you can currently do the GE… duno if you get the full amount then tho… but i guess so… i should so have gotten the solution for this one… :confused:

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Held mount :laughing:
Perhaps you should remount it :laughing:

My purpose is not graceful exit, it´s knowing if held amount will ever be returned.

Dashboard says It is your 15 month on network with regards to stefan-benten satellite, so, in theory, next month I should get half of the held amount…


well isn’t that kind obvious… the 50% held amount is held as ransom for their data…
so no you will never get it back when running the node… only when you kill the node with a success GE

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Are you on 1.6.3 yet? Otherwise, this number is wrong. And going by my last 2 months of payout, I received the held back return in month 16 for us-central-1 and haven’t received it for stefan-benten even though May was month 15 for me. It’s looking like payout actually happens in month 16. Or “After month 15” if you’re creative about the wording. :wink:

In some nodes yes, but not on all of them.

1.6.3 docker image is not available yet. While I am tempted to drop docker and just compile the binaries, I think I’ll wait until the official binaries.

I started my node in 2019 March, so, 2020 June should be month 15 :). Wasn’t stefan-benten the first satellite back then?

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If you really want the new version the easiest way is to change the tag from beta to the latest jenkins build, for example d86941d1-v1.6.3-go1.13.8. I don’t think this is supported, use at your own risk. https://hub.docker.com/r/storjlabs/storagenode/tags

Yeah, I’m in the same boat, so waiting for the update as well. I saw the fix for month number is included in v1.6.3 though.

Nope, us-central-1 was there before it. I started my node on 2019-02-28 though, so it may have been there longer than that even. (These are the month numbers for 2020-05)

These builds are not necessarily production ready and the database migration that takes place is not reversible, so you can’t simply go back to the previous version. I would warn against using this method.