Held amount value


Sorry if this has been asked but I haven’t found it on the forum. I was wondering if the amount that is being held every month will be paid at the token price of when each of the payments was made or the token price at the time of paying the held amount?


All payments are calculated in USD and at the time of payment its equivalent exchange rate is calculated in Storj token.

I think this encourages a node to trigger a graceful exit so that the held amount is paid at the current token price (if you expect the token value will go up). It’s still a graceful exit, but doesn’t this make the storage network less stable?

Nope, because it’s a really bad idea to start over and have a lot of months to wait before you get decent payouts again. On most sufficiently large nodes the held amount will eventually pale against normal monthly income. You’d be much better off just collecting that monthly income and forgetting about the held amount.