Hello eveyone haveing a Strange issue

First off, I want to apologize. This is going to be a very long comment. Well, I’m here because I need help. It started with my node going offline. I was doing some digging, and I found my hard drive for the node that went offline. The drive failed, and I wasn’t able to save anything on it whatsoever, so all the data that was on it is gone. Not only that, I thought I lost my node, which pissed me off because that drive wasn’t even 3 or 6 months old. I also thought I never made a backup of the node. Right, I’m a dumbass. Well, I’ve been here the last 2 days thinking, “How in the world can I bring this thing back up online and just eat whatever it costs?” Well, I had another drive floating around, so I put that in the computer that had the failed hard drive. The drive turned out to be good; it was floating on the shelf for who knows how long, but anyway, I got that problem solved. I started to check all my backups. my Backblaze, my Google Drive, and a few others. and a few of my servers Well, normally, I try to do 2 to 3 backups. Well, on my server, I see something called storj. and I placed that in the roaming file on the C drive. installed the Windows MSI installer and punched in everything: the wallet address, the email, the IP with port, pointed the installer to the identity file, and bam, back up and running, kind of. I was so pissed off at myself because of this I almost gave up and even unsubscribed from notification emails (ie. software updates, node suspension, and node disqualification). Unsubscribe from node offline emails (i.e., node offline, node back online). Which brings up the first issue: how can I re-subscribe to all of them? And this is the second problem. The node will only start if I use PowerShell as admin and type Restart-Service storage node. Otherwise, it will fire up weirdly. This is an example: if I restart the PC for any reason at all and I click on the storage node dashboard, it will take me to the local host, but it will not show me the node stats. until I use the PowerShell command. I would like to fix both of these since I have a solid backup and I know where that backup is now located.

If data is lost, the node will be disqualified.
More likely you restored some other identity and basically started from scratch.
And do not blame yourself for not doing backups - they are useless anyway: as soon as you restore data and bring the node online, it will be disqualified for losing data since backup.


Don’t bother and try to bring something old and weird back online.
Unless you have a really really uptodate realtime backup of your node it will be disqualified.

You have to start from the scratch with a new identity and auth token without any old data.

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Dont asked me how i did it I just want to know how to fix it

There is no way to restore lost data from the network by request. Data will be eventually recovered to other nodes but yours.
Right now you may try to keep it running and wait for disqualification or start from scratch with a new generated (not restored) identity, signed by a new authorization token and clean storage.

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