Hello I was hired to optimize apps by a 3rd party is this a scam?

Hello, I received a remote job offer via Quest to help Storj Optimize apps through a work bench. The URL is Storj
Has anyone ever heard of this or this type of work or am I being scammed.

please carefully check the url, srorj is not the correct spelling and Storj Labs is not running that website nor are we offering remote jobs via Quest. Please be careful reviewing such too good to be true offers. Also note they are using the old Storj logo in their scammer website/app.

Furthermore, Storj is not going to pay people for trading tokens under any circumstance.


Further reading. It’s worth reading the wiki on that subreddit to get better at recognizing (especially such common) scams.


Hello @steveosaurusflex ,

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As the others have said, this is not legitimate.
It’s good that you alerted Storj and warned others.
I have forwarded the information you provided internally and am glad you thought to share it with us.

Stay safe out there!


I have plenty more to share. Should we report this site to the FCC

While I am not permitted to give advice regarding where or to whom to report, I can share that the FTC has a fraud reporting portal. I do not know if the portal is the correct place to report this scam but they may know the correct place to report it or offer you guidance, if you send a description of your issue.

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Eh? You can’t give advice as to which authorities to contact when a crime is potentially being committed?

I am a Forum Lead.
I can not give legal advice.

Knowing which federal authorities are responsible for receiving different types of crime reports is beyond the scope of my duties. It is inappropriate to guess.

I provided a lead that can help OP. That should be sufficient.

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I guess I just never saw that as “legal advice”.
Seems to me more like telling someone the number to the local police station because their house was robbed.

The US can be a really weird country in some ways.

Anyway, thank you :slight_smile:


Yes, in the US we must be particularly careful to mind these boundaries so as not to accidentally create liabilities even with the best of intentions.
Thank you for understanding.