[HELP] Migrate node data from one server to another |WINDOWS|

Hello, all

I want to move my node to another server, currently is in no raid and I want to move all the data to a new server already configured with RAID5. This the first step and then I will spinup 2 more RAID 5 servers and install 2 new nodes.

I want a step by step guide on how to move the data in safe conditions.

Thanks a lot !

Ask and you shall receive



These days I would really advise against using RAID5. Chances are your first rebuild will fail if you have HDD’s of size 4TB or over. Please consider running a node per HDD, so you don’t lose everything at once when a drive fails or RAID6 if you have more storage space than you know what to do with.

Please read this post for more info:

I have Raid 5 with 4 x 2TB HDD, by your image seem like a 5% to fail a rebuild, and also my HDD are original HP Middle class, 7.2k SAS.

Does this looks normal for a new node? Just started a new one.

2020-05-08T20:59:57.084+0300 INFO piecestore upload started {“Piece ID”: “MXZAEDV2U2KSFSTO7L62RLNJ3JFFQD2ELG66EYDKGKOQRL245LXA”, “Satellite ID”: “12rfG3sh9NCWiX3ivPjq2HtdLmbqCrvHVEzJubnzFzosMuawymB”, “Action”: “PUT”, “Available Space”: 999738966272}
2020-05-08T20:59:59.988+0300 INFO piecestore upload canceled {“Piece ID”: “MXZAEDV2U2KSFSTO7L62RLNJ3JFFQD2ELG66EYDKGKOQRL245LXA”, “Satellite ID”: “12rfG3sh9NCWiX3ivPjq2HtdLmbqCrvHVEzJubnzFzosMuawymB”, “Action”: “PUT”}

That may be an acceptable failure rate to you. But I would still suggest running separate nodes on each HDD. 8TB will likely be filled up completely at some point. Might as well make some money on every TB.

yes but runing 15 nodes?? that seems like a crazy ideea :-?? dont you think?

You said 4x2TB? Yeah if you have 15 you may consider RAID. But at that point I would suggest 1 or 2 RAID6 arrays over 3x RAID5. You’re much more likely to survive rebuilds that way.

The servers that I own now does not take RAID 5, I have time for a lot time since I starter a web host company =). I look to repalce them in next years and at that point I will go for RAID 5.