Help on understanding how Egress work

Hi, i send my question to support and they said unless i add a payment method they cant help me and i have to come to the forum. This is what i asked as i am new to s3 storage below. Any help will be appreciated

I have signed up for you free account and is new to s3 storage. I will be using it for doing backups from my websites and cloud vps and looks like i will need to upgrade to 1tb storage at a later stage

What i want to know is how do Egress work

Does it include the upload of files or is it just the download of files or if i should stream a file lile video/audio. i do know the storage is separate on its own

Sorry for this question but i want to make sure i understand it correct


Egress in the case of billing is when someone pulls the data from Storj. Ingress is when you put data on Storj.

If you are uploading data to a Storj bucket, that is Ingress.

If you are downloading data from a Storj bucket, that is Egress.


To add to what others said: if you’ll be using Storj for backups… this works in your favor. You may upload backups to Storj many many times (daily, weekly, monthly, on-demand, whatever) and that is free. You always pay for the amount of data you store every month… but you only get charged extra bandwidth fees when you download your files (like restoring from a backup).

You don’t restore very often. Hopefully never! :wink: So you’d have low/zero extra bandwidth fees.

But… if you streamed files out of Storj all the time, that’s another story. That could cause bandwidth fees to grow and your monthly costs would go up.


Thank you for explaining. i will mainly use it for backup


Welcome to the Forum @Ptlhost !

This page will help you do your egress calculations when you are ready to upgrade your account

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