Help with static mount on LVM

Hi All, I have a CentOS 7 VPS and have blown up my install twice so I thought I’d reach out and see what you folks think. The “normal” methods of getting the UUID and FSTYPE return these results 3-23-2020 4-10-11 PM . Problem I have when I add the UUID and such to the FSTAB it nukes my install. So I was curious if there is another way since I’m dealing with an LVM…

Hello @BBQMan,
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As far as I can see, you already have a volume “centos-root” mounted as root. You have nothing to mount.
I wouldn’t recommend to use a spanned drives for the storagenode storage. With one disk failure the whole node is lost.

Ah, OK the server is up and running fine but I was trying to setup the FSTAB per the instructions
And was having the problems. So I should just proceed with the install of docker and such like always and not worry about it.

This server is a VPS and it has the RAID subsystems.

Thanks for the help!

Yes, just proceed with the guide.