Hi, question pls

Hi a question please, I am using 30 Gb storage in my bucket but in used space “Dashboard” appear 80 Gb used … why ?, thanks.

If you just deleted a bunch of data, it will take some time to settle.

Hi friend, cause cant reorganize files and folders (plattaform dont allow) i just delete 2 mini files (1.40 megabytes and 8 megabytes), now appear above 40 Gigabyte phantom… However, I understand its a common in the platform, so I wait, thanks.

8 GB deleted should not result in phantom 40GB. Are you sure it’s all you did? Perhaps the software you use to access the service uploads some other stuff to the bucket, etc.

Hi thanks, ahh no just upload files via web, perhaps you can give me link stor.io software for upload … tx

Maybe you uploaded files using a different passphrase. Files secured with a different passphrase are not shown in the list of files.

Hi, negative … but finnally after ~24 hours dashboard seems correct. this was curious.
Thanks all.