High-Availability Storj

Is it possible to make an HA pair of Storj nodes yet?

The goal is for maintenance and improved uptime and if one crashes due to a gnarly bug or hangup, the other can keep the data flowing…

No. The node software does not support this.

You could make the whole VM that the node runs on highly available using standard methods, but that does not help if the VM crashes.

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Thank you!

We really need this prepped for development so that HA SNO can maintain better uptime to the Storj cloud

This is very special case, not designed for mass adoption. I would say it would have a lowest priority from possible…
The difficult part is shared storage. At the moment the storagenode doesn’t support any network filesystems so far. Some could work though, but without guarantee.

I would like to suggest to start implementing this yourself and contribute to the Community.

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