High egress on small node vs larger ones

Hi All, I have a node that is only 500GB in size and the daily egress is about 34gb per day. This node earns about $20 per month which is WAY above others I have that have 10x the capacity. The node is about 2 years old and pretty much never down. At work I have a 15TB node at full capacity that’s just as old which pulls in about $50-60 per month with egress of 80gb per day.

Does anyone running multiple small nodes(500gb-1TB) under a single IP have any nodes with similar performance? I was going to start up another node under that ones same IP address but I’m weary of spoiling such a high performer. Wouldn’t it be great to have a bunch of 500GB nodes having that kind of egress?

Does the small node have more recent data? More recent data usually shows better egress.

You could check on your payout report which satellites pay you the most thus where your traffic comes from. It is probably the Storj test satellites and therefore test data.

if the node is full, then starting a new one shouldn’t impact egress rate of the other. Egress rates is dependent on data stored and as far as I know independent of number of nodes behind the same IP address.

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Looks like all the data is coming out of Saltlake. Is that their test server? My server is actually a VPS in Germany…

Saltlake and Europe-North are test satellites. You will probably not see the same storage/egress ratio if you increase the capacity or start a new one even under the same IP.

Looks like you are right. Jan through June were in the 11-13avg not including the hold back returns.

Egress is a bit of a lottery… congratz you won.
ofc the avg becomes more … avg the more data you get.

This month you definitely got lucky. On my 14.7TB node I got only a little more egress than you.

But as you can see, my node has more income spread out over other satellites as well. It seems yours was filled up quickly by saltlake with no room left for other satellites after that. I think they may be rotating through which data to download and your node just got the bulk this month. Mine has always had free space, so it doesn’t really matter which data from which timeframe is downloaded for me. Even at $11-13 average you got very lucky with an only 500gb node though. I’d hang on to that if I were you. :wink:

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I’m with you. At only $7 a month rental it’s hard to go wrong with that one. Thanks for all your help in the forums and past support to me too!

Here same with all my nodes and they are all on the same IP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What tool are you using to summarize this?

I tried setting up grafana a while back and failed. Guess its time to try again!