High egress traffic

Hi there,
I am running a fresh node (beginning of february) and I am seeing high egress traffic (5-10% of stored amount) from us1 and eu1. That the traffic originates from these satellites means that it’s actual production traffic and not test or incentive, right? I am wondering if this is what one might expect from actual production traffic or if I was just lucky to have some egress-heavy data stored on my node. So far, egress traffic growth correlates with storage growth, so it’s not just some few hundred MB that are downloaded a lot.

What are your experiences with egress traffic in the past few months? I am tempted to write a small script to find out if the egress traffic originates from a few pieces or if it’s more or less evenly spaced out.

Save some effort and try the available Grafana dashboard with the ‘storj-exporter’ docker container:

I started my first node in Feb as well and here’s what I’m seeing for egress:

That looks similar to what I’m seeing. It’s nice because I previously thought people would use Storj for backup and cold storage, but this looks as if a significant amount of the stored production data is actually used for hot storage.

network activity is kinda high at the moment due to the repair process that is running.
storj is making sure that if russia closes down the internet, then there is no chance of data loss.

my old 16tb node at its current pace of egress it will end at about 10% this month

egress is a bit of a lottery, and older data is often less active.

egress as % of stored month for month on my 16tb node.
feb = 10%
jan = 7,8%
dec = 5,67%
nov = 6,2%
oct = 7,5

so yeah i guess between 5-10% of stored is a pretty good estimate

got a new node which has above 100% egress lol for last month

Since my node is new almost none of the egress traffic is repair. And I’m currently seeing 5-10% egress per day, not per month. But that has to stop at some point I guess.

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