High requirements for storagenode

You building network of small SNO and want it be decentrolized, at same time you making rulles that small SNO cant afford. Data dammage can be made by electricity loss. or some other not predictible things. You punish SNO to have them. I clearly understand that there is other side of this coins and there is also people that will try use it. It shold be made is some neutral way that, that not give to cheet and not punish unnesosary much.


Lets fix that instead of implementing loopholes that can and will be abused.

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If I would have own powerplant to get posibility to fix it, I would’t be SNO at all.
UPS is only 2-5 min.
UPS that can hold long time is about 350Eur + 3x50eur for batterys, - cant hold this at home also.

The power loss itself will not damage any data. I am sure DQ is a good intentive to make the setup more robust against power failures. My first advice would be to disable HDD caching and use a reliable format.

@Alexey please move this conversation. We are not talking about graceful exit at this point.

You can use the managed UPS and configure your system to shutdown the PC if it on UPS more than a half of remaining power in the UPS.

Also good point. but it also pays significant, but if you continue testing like now, we all can afford it :slight_smile:

Power outages arent the only concern, You also have internet outages, Plus power outages.

No one is going to pay for a second internet in case this happens.

UPS back up arent that expensive but its not only good for Storagenode its also good for your own equipment.

Somethings just arent controllable Nothing is going to be 100% not like datacenters we cannot treat our nodes like there datacenter nodes as we arent all rich enough to be able to afford these kinda backups.


Second internet will not help, as node configured to 1 external IP. You cant have 1 ip on 2 ISP

Sure you can, if you use a ddns you can change it to your secondary internet IP pretty quickly.

you can use DDNS hostname instead and update with the current public IP

on what stage DDNS will be resoleved as ip? On client side or settelite resolve it and send IP to uplink client? it question litle not on this topic.

You use the ddns address not your ip it will resolve to which ever public IP is active.