High Storj Token Price

Anyone taken a look at it recently?

Any ideas on why it is so high?

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I was wondering why it was so low for a long time.


And I’m wondering when it’ll be worth $5000+ :laughing:


Hi, for reasons of compliance, Storj doesn’t offer opinions on token prices. Thanks for understanding – it keeps you and us on the right side of regulations!


Does that mean that we cannot discuss it here? I’m also interested in a thread on speculations on price - by non storj employees.

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Pretty sure that just applies to Storj themselves. Though in general I would encourage people to refrain from wild speculation. And you will be called out if you make outrageous claims about predicted value. Just not by Storj. But this community has proven that people trying to manipulate the price through misleading communications are quickly identified and called out. It doesn’t work, but that kind of stuff is still really annoying. So as long as it’s genuine discussion I would welcome it as well.


Just switch on the comparison to BTC and ETH as you will see that STORJ is just following the market trends for ETH.


What is this BTC you speak of?

BTC is short code for Bitcoin

The original post has a link to a chart showing Storj against the $, BTC can also be selected.

I’ve seen it at a dollar. I’m with @bovcan :kissing_smiling_eyes: