Hint for QNAP Container Station user update your docker command ASAP!

Hint for QNAP Container Station user update your docker command!!!
I investigated due to the new docker run command with UDP packets the QNAPs run into issues if the nodes are running wiht the old run command without

-p 28967:28967/tcp
-p 28967:28967/udp \

I do not why. However on my QNAP a buffer runs full and my QNAP lost more and more Internetconnection and performance. Due to that my Online Score go down of my nodes,

Not sure what was going on here, but did you have UDP forwarded in your router already when the issue occurred?

No of course not. I forwarded it first I recognised the new Docker run command. My policy is only open ports that I really need

Yeah that’s what I figured. But then I don’t see what could have caused issues on the QNAP. If the router didn’t forward any UDP packets there would have been effectively no change in what your node is doing as it doesn’t initiate the UDP connections. I think you may be following a red herring for the cause of the issues you saw.

In Never heard about Red Herring. But I understand what you try to say. I want just share my problem or investigation with the community.

My nodes are running without udp command since yesterday and I saw decreasing Online time. Then I checked the logs and find warnings with this UDP stuff on all my nodes. After that I checked the Storj Doc and find the new command with UDP ports.
I also recognised that my QNAP internet performance was totally crappy.

Of course after investigations I updated my nodes with. The new command. Forward the UDP ports in my Router. After that everything works fine again

Yeah, the term red herring may not have been the best choice of words in a multinational environment. I merely meant to say you may have been looking in the wrong place for the cause of the issue. I can’t think of any way how the 2 could be related, but I could be missing something of course. I have no doubt there was a correlation, I’m just not sure it implies causation here.

Maybe other QNAP users could chime in with their experience. Or if you’re curious you could try if the issue returns when you switch UDP off again. But then again I understand if you don’t want to try and break something again after just getting rid of the issue.

I will verify with one node the issue when online time fully recovered to 100% and will give a update

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I‘m also running multiple nodes on QNAP Containerstation and have no problems. My online score is 99.9-100%. I am not yet using UDP.

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