[hint] On demand publishing of the web dashboard

Maybe this is useful for others too until there is proper access control in the dashboard.

I make my dashboard accessible with the following docker command:

docker run --rm --publish PUBLIC_IP:14002:14002 --link STORAGE_CONTAINER_NAME alpine/socat tcp-listen:14002,fork,reuseaddr tcp-connect:STORAGE_CONTAINER_NAME:14002

Replace PUBLIC_IP with your server ip or omit it including the colon ‘:’ to publish on all network interfaces. When you stop the container with CTRL+c the port is closed again.

STORAGE_CONTAINER_NAME should be replaced with storagenode if you followed the documentation, otherwise the name you chose for the container.

Have you seen this ?


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I didn’t. Of course there are other solutions.

In my case I didn’t expose the port from web dashboard. My hint helps in this case. It can still be used together with ssl port forwarding.

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