Home Network Cabling Question

Totally random question, that I’m wondering if anyone with home network cabling experience might be able to offer some advice/thoughts.

I purchased my first home (in the US) a couple of years back, and over the past year I’ve building up my home network. The home was pre-wired with Cat5e cables when it was built in 2005. Either the builder or the previous owner did a pretty good job with labeling the wires in the basement utility closet where they all terminate. There are wall jacks in just about every room of the house, and I’ve traced all of those back to cables in the basement. Although, or the life of me, I can’t figure out where two of the cables go, as in, I can’t find any other wall jacks in the house.

One of these cables is labeled as “DSL” and one is labeled “Home Room”. But like I said, all of the other cables I’ve tracked down to every wall plate I can find in the rooms, including every bedroom, the office, family room, and one even in the kitchen.

My next step I suppose is maybe to venture up to the attic to see if I can find something up there?


Anything by the dmarc where your utilities come into the house? Possible the previous owner had the DSL modem where the copper from the phone company came right to the house, and then had the Ethernet cable run so the router could sit where the rest of the house runs were terminated? Could explain the “DSL” port.

“Home Room”… got nuthin. Maybe it’s a secret “panic room” that you haven’t found yet. :slight_smile:

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perhaps you’re right about that…now that I think about it, we don’t have ANY phone jacks in the walls around the house. and I recall when we first had cable set up, that technician pulled a bunch of crap out of the little panel box, where it looked like they were splitting out the Cat5e cables. maybe for phone use…anyways, thanks for the reply.

Also, when they built the house they were using satellite (Dish) as it was most likely the only option for cable/internet at the time, so there is a mess of coax cable down in that utility closet too.

I’d still hope for finding a hidden panic room, but good luck finding the other ends!

You hit it right on the nose. I just went out and found the telco DMARC box, and what did I find inside of it, not one but both ends…

At first, I was pretty excited as I have recently been thinking about how I might run some new cabling from the basement outside for some POE cameras. Although, after finding how those cables were stripped, I’m afraid that it might be impossible to terminate them without having a mess of uncovered lengths of the wires after the RJ45…

See any reason why I wouldn’t want to terminate one (or both) of those cables with RJ45 plugs to power a POE camera, or more likely a POE powered switch that then could redistribute the POE over other cables?

perhaps the main risk of terminating the cables with RJ45s would be that the exposed wires are more at risk of damage?

OH, just had this thought, maybe a better idea would be to terminate those wires into a female RJ45 keystone and then just use a short patch cable between that and the POE switch?

I would suggest installing an RJ45 socket on the wall and using a patch cord for the switch.
This is because a regular Cat5e cable is quite stiff and bending will do nothing good, and the patch cord is usually made softer.
You also can use a patch panel instead of socket, if you have more than one cable to be used for RJ45 connectors.
And please note - the wires should be in the right order (color coded), you can Google the correct one.

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