Host a node on Synology/QNAP NAS

I’ve find the QNAP TS-332 with a 10Gbe port :

Cost affordable and looks okay for high speed connexion.

Keep in mind that not only your NAS needs 10GBe, but your switch + router as well.

Also, is your internet speed 200/200 Mbit/s?
-> because that would translate to max. 25 MB/s, which is no problem for a 1GBe device!

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Hey @twl

Bellow you will find my speed test. I live in France and we have a very decent network connexion with fiber. I can push it to 600/600 if needed with few adjustment with my operator.

If I have this result on my computer does it mean my switch + router is well configurated ?

So if I well understand your point, 1GBe is okay for my connexion ?

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Yes, this looks perfect for a 200/200 connection! 7ms ping is also very good for europe.

And as I said, since you have 200MBit/s internet, you are fine with a 1GBe (=1000mbit/s) NAS :slight_smile:


Yep, exactly

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@twl Thank you a lot for these infos, you’ve help me to save money and time in research. So I will be able to go on a DS218+ with only one HDD at the moment to see if everything goes well when I host a node.

I keep you in touch as soon as possible :slight_smile: